Friday, 25 July 2014


Baby still not here and predictably I am going crazy checking the Internets every five minutes for flimsy "reassurance" (which is not very reassuring when sites about "stillbirth" come up).

My mother is going frantic and worrying, and people are ringing up every five minutes asking if I've had the baby yet.  Meanwhile every time I have a hint of lower back pain I start kneeling on the floor and rocking back and forth just in case the long-awaited moment has finally arrived.

The good news is I did at least do something productive today.  Yesterday I had my hopes up as I could feel the baby pushing down and I had very mild but persistent lower back pain (cue ridiculous trying out of all the labour positions from my antenatal class, pacing around the house incessantly and complaining about lack of sleep) but it turned out that this was all a folly, and nothing happened.  Not even the faintest whiff of a contraction.  Today I had an appointment to see the midwife for a sweep, which was nowhere near as bad as the Netmums forums would have one believe, but which the midwife didn't seem to hold out much hope of being successful, explaining that most first time mums needed several and she'd see me again next week for another one.

NEXT WEEK!  I don't think I can cope with another week of re-reading What to Expect When You're Expecting yet again.  Meanwhile, all but one of the other people from my antenatal class have now had their babies, despite the fact that I was due third (out of seven)  Admittedly I didn't want a premature baby, nor did I want an emergency C-section following all manner of terrifying complications, as some of them endured, but still, WHEN IS THIS BABY COMING OUT????

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